Wellington Region Tsunami

This map is the creation of XYCarto using publically available data from LINZ, Wellington Regional Council, Koordinates, and Wellington City Council. The map is not affiliated with any organization and is for demonstration purposes only.

Red Zone: the beach and marine environment, and some very low lying areas. This zone is where people are asked to stay out of most often as a result of smaller tsunamis

Orange Zone (including the red zone): the area where people may be asked to evacuate for a large earthquake in the Pacific, such as near South America, causing a tsunami wave of up to 5 metres at the Wellington coastline. Alerts and evacuation advice would be issued by Civil Defence and distributed to the public for this type of tsunami because we have more time.

Yellow Zone (including the orange and red zones): the area that you must evacuate from if you feel a long or strong earthquake. The earthquake may be the only warning of a tsunami, so do not wait for further instructions, notifications or advice, evacuate immediately after the shaking has stopped. This zone has been defined by modelling up to magnitude 9 earthquakes on the subduction zone to the east of the North Island, the worst-case scenario modelled for the Wellington Region..